Mar 22, 2012

Lucky Getting The Car

I remember three years ago when we were shopping for a car.  We went to several car dealers in the Metro.  My honey and I visited the nearby cities to check what's in store.  My FIL helped with the car shopping too. It is very helpful to have someone knowledgeable in looking or shopping for used cars - checking the mileage, history, and of course the pricing.  Because every car we were interested at were nice, one of the factors that can help us figure out which one to buy is to read reviews.

Checking with the Trusted Dealers also gave us the idea what car to get.  We looked online for car dealers and reading reviews on each car that we found interesting.  Our situation was the same as with my friend's who is working in the UK now.  She needed to buy car and had a hard time shopping because of her work schedule. She got lucky at because she was able to buy a beautiful sedan.

Honestly, we couldn't afford to buy a brand new car so a nice pre-owned vehicle was purchased.  Actually my FIL found it for us.  The car had positive feedbacks.  The mileage was very low because it was only driven for seven weeks.  The price was reasonable and our bank gave us a very low interest rate.  We were so lucky getting the car.  Now I enjoy driving it wherever I go.  I liked the features and the interior space.  And oh, that was my honey's gift to me on our 1st wedding anniversary.  Sweet, huh? 

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