Mar 12, 2012

Happy Spring Cleaning!

My honey and I were talking about cleaning up this coming Spring.  It has been a tradition to do Spring cleaning here.  We will do a big garage sale when the weather gets very nice one weekend.  I will join the neighborhood's yard sale too. We have lots of stuff to get rid of.  There are many things in the house that need replacement.  

For now, I am starting with my stuff.  Yes.  I need to get rid of unused personal items like handbags, shoes, and clothing.  Some of them are really nice and it kinda break my heart to give them away.  So, I am deciding to sell them whenever I get the chance.  For any amount I save from this activity will benefit my grandpa because he is maintaining a medication for an infection treatment.  And I am setting up a space on so y'all can check the other items for sale too. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.  Happy Spring cleaning!


emz said...

Busy days ahead.

Marms said...

@Emz, yes. will be very busy.