Mar 23, 2012

Mhar's Wish List

Just for fun, I would like to share my personal wishlist.  I will keep on updating this whenever something's changed and if one or more are granted.

1.  Car - granted 2009
2.  Laptop - granted 2010
3.  Baby - granted 2010 and she's 15 months now...adorable toddler
4.  Designer handbag
5.  iPhone
6.  family vacation - it'll be soon!
7.  digital camera - granted 2009, but needs to upgrade :)
8.  to go back to school
9.  online business
10.  bracelet
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Pearl said...

hi Mhar! I'm so happy that a lot of big stuff in your wish list have been granted already. The Lord is awesome at giving His blessings!

shengy said...

nice to know that that some of them are done..congrats

Marms said...

@pearl and shengy, yea. those are the very important things.