Mar 30, 2012

Love it!

Posted by Arden Wallace

I went to when I bought this house because I was NOT going to overpay for my energy. I’ve been overpaying for things my whole life and the last few months have really seen me getting into it when it came to couponing and saving money where I could. I think it’s important to be fiscally sound because there are so many things that could come up any day that would really decimate your savings if you’re not careful. I want to make sure that if my fridge breaks or if someone in my family needs money that I have it to give so I’ve been cutting back where I can to make sure I’ve got enough. I try to tithe to the church like I’m supposed to and I’ve been working on saving at least 10% of everything I make because that’s enough to make me feel sound. I want to be a responsible adult because I try to be the best example I can for the kids I’m around (I’m a teacher.)


Sissym said...

You are right! I agree!


Marms said...

Thanks my friend.