May 12, 2012

The Front Yard Garden

We went to the home and garden store to buy some flowering plants and vegetables for our garden.  I saw plenty of colorful flowers but couldn't make up my mind on what to pick.  My husband suggested to get the same ones that we planted last year but this time in different color.  Below are some flowers I considered buying.

Yellow Cosmos
Orange Cosmos
Hubby watering the newly planted flowers
The flower bed
My husband bought 10 sacks of garden soil for the vegetable garden.  Depending on the weather, we water the garden at least three times a week.  Plant food like Miracle Gro has to be given twice a week.  If good rain comes, we don't water too often.  I will post some pictures of the vegetable garden in the next posts.  The string beans have sprouted along with the cucumbers too.  We have high hopes for the garden this year.

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