May 16, 2012

High-Tech Tools

My husband is skilled in wood works.  He made a toy box for his nephews few years back and it came out very nice.  Now he is planning to make one for our daughter soon.  He is also a good painter.  In fact, he painted our daughter's nursery room last year.  And it looked very pretty.

Besides my husband, I admire skilled men especially skilled workers like my father and brother-in-law.  My father and brother-in-law worked as construction workers back home.  They were among those of the hired men who worked on road construction several years back.  They also did carpentry.  Up to now, they accept part time carpentry jobs.  Though my father did not have high end construction tools, he always does a very good job.

When I got here in the US, I saw high-tech construction tools in stores.  I thought of my father whenever I see them.  He would be very happy if he has tools like these.  Even in small construction work in the house, these tools are of great help.  It is big advantage for workers like my father and brother-in-law to own tools like these.  My husband already owns home construction tools.  And he is proud that he can fix simple maintenance problems around the house.


lina@happy family said...

We also have this kind of tools; but I've never tried to use it :)

Marms said...

me too :) it's amazing how nice to have tools like this. makes the job easier.