May 26, 2012

Neighborhood Garage Sale Today!

Three weeks ago, my neighbor and I talked about having a neighborhood garage sale on this day.  She usually does the organizing for this event.  My husband and I made the flyers and road signs.  Our neighbor distributed the flyers two weeks before. A week before the garage sale, I got busy gathering unused baby clothes, toys, furniture, and baby gears.  On Thursday night, I gathered my unused winter clothes, shoes, and handbags. 

Today, my husband is supposed to get the dinnerware sets from the attic.  But he was quite tired from work and making the road signs so he did get them.  So we did not have much to sell.  Anyway, the neighbors across the street has LOTS of stuff.  Well, they moved in the neighborhood few months ago and looks like they're getting rid of the unwanted baby stuff.  Since they have the most items for sale, being in the corner also drives traffic in the neighborhood.

We did good today.  We got rid of the furniture that we wanted to sell.  And that's one of the best thing in having a garage sale.

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