May 14, 2012

Maintaining And Decorating Our Home Is An Investment

I always admired the interior designs of hotels' rooms.  When my husband and I met for the first time, we went on a summer vacation.  The hotel resort was very serene and the rooms were accommodating.  You know, there is always a special feeling as soon as you step inside a classy hotel.  

The hotels' interior decor is undeniably elegant and the furnishings are well-made. One thing I notice closely checking in a hotel is the room lighting.  It is my fascination to look at good quality wall sconces.  Even though I do not have any skill in home decoration, my choice of lighting fixtures is between classy and modern.  In fact, I want this golden lighting fixture in my bathroom.  It seems like a calming ambiance when I turn this light on in my bathroom.  The idea came to me  when we went to Oklahoma last month for our wedding anniversary celebration.  The hotel's bathroom have this type of lighting.

Maintaining and decorating a home is an investment.  These require lots of money in order to fulfill the preference on how a home should look like.  We do not need to hire an interior designer just to make our house look and feel like a hotel's.  It is our responsibility as a woman to gather home decorating ideas.  And if we find something needed to be replaced or upgraded like the home lighting, a consultation with the husband and approval is very important.

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