May 31, 2012

Happy Plants

It's going to be a very hot summer like the past few years.  Hopefully the drought is not as bad as last year's.  But I can already see cracks on the ground in the yard.  We are worried about the foundation of the house because it will have a big gap again.  We have to soak the foundation few times so the ground will maintain it's moisture.

Two nights ago we had a good rain because of the storm.  The garden looked really good and the tomatoes are bearing fruits now.  The string beans reached the first bar of the trellis.  Few herbs that we planted (from have already sprouted.  All in all, the plants look very happy.  My husband said it will be by July before we can harvest some tomatoes, eggplant, okra, string beans, peppers, and cucumbers.  Feeding the plants with plant food once every two or three weeks helps them grow big and healthy.


Balut said...

aaaw crack in the ground means very hot. hope it would be just fine enough for you. have a great summer!

Sissym said...

Wow, great to know that your plants are well and soon you will be able to savor what cultivated. A little rain is good for watering the ground warm.