May 23, 2012

Less Worries

The air-conditioning is working good again.  Hopefully the problem won't happen again.  It would be a big bill if it breaks.  We have to call for service for sure.  So far, it is cooling back again.  My husband changed the filters and checked the exhaust.  Equipment problem like this one irritates him.

Our house is well-insulated but it still needs help from the ceiling fans to keep the good air circulation inside.  Also, the air-con will not keep on running more often.  We want our home to be not too cold and not too warm - just comfortable all the time.  Now that summer is getting closer, eventually the electricity bill goes up this time of year.  As much as possible, we want to conserve energy and save money.

Knowing that the air-con is functioning well now, we worry less.


Sissym said...

I know what it means!


Marms said...

@Sissym, yea and it is frustrating if home equipment like this is broken. gladly everything's fine now.