May 5, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: The Supermoon

Nope.  It's not a name of a super hero.  When we heard about the word 'supermoon', my cousin and I thought it was kind of a lunar eclipse.  We're wrong.  It is a term for the moon's brightest moment because it is closer to Earth than usual.  I took some moon photos this evening.  My husband was in the back porch and called me to see the beautiful bright moon.

Taken about 3x zoom
Taken with 12x maximum zoom in Night Snapshot without flash
Taken in 12x maximum zoom in macro without flash
It's hazy this evening so not much of a clarity.  There should be a halo of colors around it, but I don't have a DSLR camera.  I took these supermoon photos through Canon Digital Elph.  And this is my entry to Blog Photo Challenge.


Rcel said...

good for you; you were able to catch supermoon! not us, kay perti ka bagyo sa among end. as in thunderstorm jud ang show, nag-hulat pa naman mi. :D

bpc hop!

Marms said...

Yeah, the moon is amazing as always.
I had to opportunity to take a few photos. glad it did not rain.


Balut said...

it's great that you are able to take some souvenir shots of the supermoon :)

btw, you may want to exchange links with me, please let me know..

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Anonymous said...

I was asleep when this moon appeared. Too bad, I should have stayed awake all night. It might throw me some lucky fortune sooner or later in life.

Sissym said...

It is amazing! Wonderful pics!


Jessica Cassidy said...

what a beautiful shots, you did a wonderful job capturing Super Moon. I wanted to go outside that night but it was 40 degrees and so cold but I did peek and see how bright it is. Dropping by from BPC

Leah H. said...

Wow, ka pretty be ni super moon:)

Visiting for 128 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

Mel Cole said...

it was an impressive moon. nice pictures :) 366 bpc hopping here.

emzkie said...

in was indeed very bright that night. it was scary too at the same time cause it was so close. hadlok ko basig naay wakwak ba. hehehe
thanks for joining BPC sis! hope u can join again.
sorry for the late visit