Jul 9, 2008

Cleaning Up

Oh dear! It's almost two in the afternoon and I am still lazy tidying up the house. My husband just went back to work after having lunch with me. That's how it goes...feeling lazy and sleepy after eating. Then I will see myself lying on the couch watching television or playing poker online. What scares me is that I might end up the size of a barrel if this habit continues. Well, I need to move a muscle and get something done before the day ends.
So now I am preparing my sweeper and pan - my best buddies in house cleaning. It is easy for me to use these on the floors and corners while I only use the vacuum cleaner on carpets. After wiping off dusts everywhere, an anti-bacterial air freshener or diffuser completes the job.

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chubz said...

it's 1pm here and we just had our lunch......and i'm now sleepy....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

hey you're playing poker on line? amazing...i do too...we now have 3 things in common..hehehe

MarlyMS said...

Hahaha! in! nakakatuwa maglaro ng poker pero nakakainis din kapag ang mga kalaro mo 'nuts' kung mag-bet. Hahaha!