Jul 25, 2008

Friday Snaps: Black Bird

I got a snap of a black bird while I was doing my morning walk exercise in the apartment complex this morning. 'Not sure what's the name of this bird. He was walking around the tree, running on the ground, and going under the cars tweeting. It seems like he's looking for his mother or something. I was thinking he's still young because I didn't see any flying skills yet. He just walks and runs all over the area.
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EeHai said...

Sharp attention you have. Nice to know that you still have time to look around. This should be the way life should go. Taking time out to relax. Good. It reminds me to slow down and "See other things around me".Thanks

MarlyMS said...

sounds like you're a very busy person eehai..yea, sometimes we should give time for ourselves to enjoy and appreciate the things around us :) God Bless!

reanaclaire said...

hi Marlyms.. i hv added u up in my blog... do keep in touch.. take care..