Jul 15, 2008

Filipina Neighbor

I am so happy because I met a Filipina in Super Target. When I was in the vegetables section looking for some ingredients for the dinner meal tonight, I already noticed that she is a Filipina. Her husband looked and smiled at me. Then after a while, she came near me and asked if I am Filipina. I said “Yes”. We started to get to know a little bit about each other. Her name is Nori and she is from Samar, Philippines-the province that is a couple of kilometers away from Leyte. Her husband is from Chicago. They've been living here in Texas for a year now.

Then they gave me a ride back to the apartment. What amazes me the most was, Nori and her husband are living in the apartment complex located at the block across the street where ours is located. Nice! Now I have a new place to hang out. We agreed to get together some time during her off from work. She is working in Super Target by the way.
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Symphony of Love said...

It is good to meet fellow people especially if you are in a foreign land huh. :)

I understand because I was once staying oversea for a few years and the feeling of meeting fellow Singaporean was always great!

MarlyMS said...

yea it nice :)

AWanderer said...

hala kanindot gud mar nga naa kay kaila sa duol at least naa kay katabayan inig off imong bag-ong amiga.Kita pud unyag makalugar magkitakts ta ha:-)