Jul 14, 2008

Ways To Have a Safe Summer

Summer is super hot. And as hot as this time of year are accidents everywhere. Of course we do not want this to happen. But we love doing outdoor stuff. The question is how can we protect ourselves from getting the risk? Check out the ways on how we can have a SAFE and healthy summer.
  1. *When biking, always wear a helmet and bright colors. Obey the same traffic signs and signals that cars do. Ride single-file.
  2. Never swim alone. In lakes, rivers and oceans, swim in supervised areas. Always keep an eye on children around water. Most important: *DON'T DRINK.
  3. In a thunderstorm, immediately seek shelter, such as building or car. Don't take shelter under a tree, and avoid open water. If you are carrying metal items, put them down.
  4. Play outdoor sports in safe areas where there's no traffic. Wear protective gear.
  5. Drink plenty of water when working or playing outdoors. Take breaks in shade to keep from overheated.
  6. To prevent insect bites when hiking, apply an insect repellent. Avoid using perfumes and scented lotions. Wear protective clothing like long pants and long-sleeved shirts plus shoes with socks.
  7. *When boating, be sure everyone wears a personal flotation device. Don't boat in bad weather or near swimmers and water skiers.

Have a safe and healthy summer everyone!

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