Jul 28, 2008

Sunday Chicken Barbecue

We had Chicken Barbecue at the house. We bought whole chicken cuts and seasoned them with barbecue seasoning, lemon juice, and Worcestershire sauce. Aside from its appetizing aroma, Worcestershire sauce adds good flavor in barbecues. My honey enjoyed grilling at the back porch while I was enjoying myself eating a piece in the kitchen (smiles). As you can see the the barbecue is kind of burnt. My honey likes it that way.
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Bill & Gina said...

That looks very good also i just added you to my site have a good one.

MarlyMS said...

tnx so much gina..but i can't view ur blog.

Cecile2 said...

chicken looks good, can i have some, just kidding :-)

Angie said...

Yum! B-B-Q'd chicken is one of my favorite meals!

Thanks for adding my link. I've added you to my blogroll also!