Jul 24, 2008

So Here's the Catfish Sinigang

Okay. So here's the catfish sinigang (tangy vegetable soup with catfish) that I cooked for dinner. Well, it's not bad. Of course, I used Knorr tamarind powder. The catfish tasted good along with the vegetables and tangy soup. We ate it together with steamed rice. I got the green pepper out from the sinigang and pinched a half in fish sauce. Then the few drops of fish sauce on my rice and soup added some crave to my appetite. The tangy taste, the fish sauce, and a bit of was awesome! My husband and I love sinigang but you might notice some veggies aren't there. You know, my honey is not a fan of okra, eggplant, and radish...some of the main veggies for sinigang.

Anyway, Cecile commented to my post earlier. Before I forgot I want to say she's right. Catfish in sinigang tastes good like the bangus (milkfish).
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Malou said...

that sure looks yummy..i should have give you the catfish I caught when we went fishing hehehe check this out