Jul 11, 2008

I Want to go to Shanghai

Wow! My favorite martial arts actor, Jacky Chan, will have a museum in Shanghai, China by 2009. Awesome!

When I was still working in a travel agency in Manila, Jacky Chan’s house in Hong Kong was one of the hottest tourist spot by the Hong Kong Tourism Board. And it is one of the best selling tours at the agency. I wished that I will be able to go Hong Kong and visit his house during my stay in the company but they have this so called seniority scheme. Whatever…

Anyways, this is good news for all the fans like me especially the Chinese fans. The museum will house Jacky Chan’s props and costumes from his movies, photos and other memorabilia. This is so cool. I want to go to Shanghai. Is there somebody who’d like to sponsor me a tour?
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1 comment:

Mr. Nissan said...

i love your blog and would like to go to shanghai too