Jul 17, 2008

In Love and Happy

I am married for three months now and I can say that everything is doing good…so far. We just had our third month-sary last weekend. I think nothing’s change with my personality except to the fact that I am stuck now to a lifetime commitment. Though I miss my lifestyle as a single woman but I know my life is different now. I was given the chance to choose. I chose to be happy…to be happy with the love of my life. That’s why I am here with him. For me, being married is not actually complicated. Marriage will only become complicated once the couple starts to make things unreasonable to each other. That’s the time when misunderstandings and anger comes into the scene. A friend always told me, “Remember sis’, marriage is a two-way process.” And my mother is reminding me constantly to be a caring wife. Yea. Their advice will always be in heart and mind.

As far as I am concerned, we are doing well. My marriage and relationship with my husband is getting stronger as time passes by. Whenever we talked about it he would ask, “We are still the same person right?” Surely I said, “Yes we are”.
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texas_sweetie said...

what a nice posting.good luck and welcome to marriedhood life lolz..thanks for passing by my blog tonight.

amging said...

i just got married a month ahead of you...i just wanna add that putting GOd as center of a marriage life is the common advice got from friends and family and I can attest that it's working.

Have a Blessed Married Life dear.

MarlyMS said...

thank you very much for your messages..really appreciate it.