Aug 14, 2009

Get The Best Insurance For Your Vehicle

Until now I still remember the accident we had few months ago. A young lady was driving a rental car. She was running higher than the speed limit in I-20 tailgating the car in front of her in the passing lane. Driving in the center (thru traffic) lane, my honey saw the quick flash of the brake lights from the car in front. In a blink of an eye, the young lady went out of control of her car and swung around three times in front of us. Though my honey had hit the brakes, still we hit her.

The insurance company of the rental car claimed for the damage. But our insurance said no because, according to the investigation, it is the young lady's fault. So we got paid for our vehicle's front bumper repair plus my honey got money for a rental car service to and from work for a week.

The insurance company of our vehicle is very reliable. They took care of everything. We just submitted an incident report. Having a very efficient van insurance makes a total difference than other insurance services. They give us the best service when it comes to automobile protection and damage claims. Depending on the automobile type, the quotes may differ but still the monthly premium is affordable. If you are interested to get free quote, visit for insurance products that you might want to check.


Imelda said...

its impt never to sail out the road wtout an insurance.

hello mharms hapi friday.

imDavidLee said...

i have car yet so no need insurance ..haha

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madz said...

Well, at least nothing bad happens to you and your honey.

Rose said...

thanks...nice blog...keep update...
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im back after weeks of neglecting my blogs...and your one of the firsts to say hello to!=)


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