Aug 2, 2009

They Are Coming Over And 'Could Not Think Of What To Cook

My cousin E is coming over to see us tomorrow. Their plan of driving to Fort Worth is because her husband T is buying something that the retailer can only be found here. After buying what they want, they are going to Fort Worth Zoo. My honey and I were there last month. I guess we have to let my cousin E and T enjoy their visit at the Zoo and the beautiful animals. She learned that Fort Worth Zoo is named one of the Top Zoo in America, again. And that is true.

Anyway, I could not think of something to cook for the couple tomorrow. Oh oh! My honey baked a chicken this evening. Maybe we can have some chicken sandwich and salad for lunch. Hhhmm...I do not know if they will like that. Well if new things come up, we might just have to eat in a restaurant somewhere.


Weng Forsgren said...

that must be hard to decide Mhar :)
Ganyan talaga tayo no,pagmay pumunta sa atin ma momroblema kung anong iluto na magustuhan.

AngelBaby said...

I love Chicken Salad sandwiches! I will have one! I hope you have a wonderful visit with your Cousin, enjoy. Nothing is better than family!

Love and Blessings,

jenie said...

I just would like to share with you...that whenever I get the info of any pinoy settling in US, or canada...or some place i want to be and that they're leading a good life ,it makes me feel very happy as well. =) yun lang

Joops said...

Just make them adobo, I'll eat it hehehe

ryliej said...

pinay ba yan mare? lutuan mo ng bicol express lol..

Mhar's Display said...

@ Weng
correct. We just had baked chicken. But I did not make it, my husband did.

@ AngelBaby
I love chicken sandwich too. Maybe I will make some for you from the baked chicken :)

@ Jenie
Glad to know that Jenie. I appreciate your thoughts :)

@ Joops
Hahaha! Problem is, I do not know how to make Bicol Express mare.


jenie said...

hi! im wondering...can you share with me your secret for having PR3? pretty please??????????????=)

Bogie said...

hello mhar, i've added this blog to my blogroll. I'll see next Sunday for a Yummy Sunday post :) I can visit your food matters blog then. God bless you!

nadine said...

Aww, you'll come up with something rin! Tsktsk, try google ate. Baka madami ka madiscover na maluto! harhar..Goodluck. BTW I'll link you blogs na po :D

vicy said...

Visiting here today..Thank you for the visit..God Bless!!

Mhar's Display said...

@ jenie
Well, not really a secret because bloggers know about these already. Are you a newbie? Here's what I can share:

1. unique content/post
2. join blog directories and submit your blogs to search engines to gain more traffic
3. Entrecard drops
4. careful with posting links in your blogs/avoid dead links
5. visit other websites so they will visit you back/for traffic
6. comments, comments, comments

Hope these help you. My other blog lost its PR this month. Maybe I did something G did not like :)


@ Bogie
Huh? You added this one? Oh thank you. Sure I will participate. I appreciate you adding my Food Matters blog too.

@ nadine
ahm, baked chicken went well. thanks for the suggestion nadine. also thank you so much for adding my blogs :)

@ vicy
Same to you vicy