Aug 10, 2009

Neck Bone Alignment Therapy

Unexpectedly, my cousin E and her husband did not come to the house on Sunday. E called at nine o'clock in the morning telling me she was hurting her back since Saturday night. I was worried. I asked if she did a lot of garden works. She said no. She thought it was because of her neck bone and back alignment therapy. It is like a small massage therapy equipment that is placed behind the neck. E mentioned its name to me but I forgot. The vibration from the pad helps in spine alignment. And a mild back pain is normal, that was the doctor told her.

Well, maybe we will schedule another day to meet next month because my honey and I had planned of going to Tyler this weekend.


vhincent said...

Hope she get well soon, she might also want to check her pillows and bed.. just suggesting ;)

Twerlyn said...

hi Mhar! Thank yu for the bday greetings..
Have a good night to you..

Mhar's Display said...

@ vhincent
thanks for the suggestion. I will tell her that. I guess it is because of the machine she is using for her therapy. I hope it is working for her.

@ Twerlyn
you are welcome Lyn. Hope you enjoy your birthday.