Aug 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Beach, The Boat, The Shore


Pie said...

The water looks so inviting!

Mine are here and here.

Maria@LSS said...

Where is this place? It's so beautiful, I want to be there right now. Happy WW!

hitesh rawat said... i haven't been to a beach since last few years.....rele need a breakkk

woo hoo........\,,,/

Icy BC said...

Wow, what a view! I can see myself finding a shady spot and stay there all day..This relaxes me!

gooddell said...

niice picture

Jona said...

hi! go on with add then i'll add you too.


Mhar's Display said...

@ pie
sure does. I really want to run into the water :)

@ Maria
This resort is in Pangasinan, Philippines.

@ hitesh
you should go for a vacation at the beach. You will never regret it.

@ Icy BC
I agree. just looking at the beautiful sky and water relaxes me too. The breeze makes your senses relax also.

@ gooddell
thanks much

@ jona
done adding you jona. thanks for stopping by. see you again.


beevs said...

ooh...i've been dying to take a break and go to the beach.

anyway sis, i appreciate you dropping by time and again. =D

God bless and take care.

Mhar's Display said...

@ beevs
hey, have time for yourself and relax. you are welcome beevs.