Aug 24, 2009

What's Your All Time Favorite Footwear?

Speaking of back to school, shoes is one of the top items purchased this season. See, this is the time to shop for footwear because of the huge sale going on in stores or even online. My friend at work already shopped pairs of school shoes for her children. Of course, she bought a pair of marc by marc jacobs designer shoes for herself too.

Everybody look for comfortable shoes to wear everyday. Me? I love wearing loafers because they feel comfy on my feet. Plus, they do not wear out easily...they are durable. Loafers are my all time favorite footwear.


Tey said...

I love wearing running shoes. I feel very comfortable. For summer, I love slippers. Have a great day Marly
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bz said...

morning thx for article great day .. n see a

rjs mama said...

slippers for me :)

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Mhar's Display said...

@ Tey
if you find running shoes comfy, good. because they help tone your posture.

@ bz
i appreciate you stopping by

@ RJ's mama
I like slippers too..during summer :)


ShedLife said...

hi mhar..happy to be here again..

shengy said...

me too.. God Bless