Aug 23, 2009

Hosiery Is Tax Free Too

'Been a busy week for me at work because of the tax free weekend. Tax free weekend is one of the busy event in the USA. It is held before the school year starts. Here in Texas, the tax free weekend is August 21-23, 2009. That means the public does not pay tax for clothing, shoes, school supplies, backpacks, and other items associated to back to school.

I thought of buying something for myself. But I never get the chance until tonight. I remember there was a merchandise placed on hold for me in the hosiery section. Before we closed, my associate said it is okay for me to leave the counter and buy the pantyhose. So I hurried upstairs, I bought a pantyhose for $1.48. No tax :)

We work an extra hour during this event. My body is aching for a three days off now :)

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