Aug 24, 2009

On The Lighter Side #7: Bilingual, Chi, Success

If at first you do not succeed, call it Version 1.0

A dog applied for a job with the foreign service and passed all the exams easily. "You will need to show you are bilingual, said the interviewer, "Miaow! said the dog.

Seek out the road to success, but do not be surprised if you find it is still under construction.

Chinese medicine is based in the principle that the body is charged wit hlife energy, called chi. That is why chihuahuas bark so much.

What is the difference between one yard and two yards? A fence.

Obey gravity! It is the law.

Coffee News June 12, 2009


Marianne said...

thanks for the visit!! Miaow.... Arf... Arf

Tita Beng said...

he he he.. nice one! Thanks, you made me smile!

Mhar's Display said...

@ Marianne, Tita Beng
I am happy that you find this amusing :)