Aug 31, 2009

My Favorite Coffee And Some Travel Tips

My friend N got back from the Philippines. She granted my request to bring me a pack of 3-in-1 instant coffee. I am so happy because that is my favorite coffee.

N had a two-week vacation in the Philippines. She said two weeks is just a short time because some of her travel plans were canceled. Instead of catching up those plans on the early days of her vacation, she just went home to her province and spent most of the days with her family. She really had a wonderful time, I saw it on the pictures she took.

What made N really disappointed was, the prices of the necessities back home went up really high...almost doubled. She told me that she watched her budget. N advised me to be very wise with our spending when we go for a vacation to the Philippines so we will not caught out of hand. Gee, even airlines' excess baggage check charges had geared up. Now my honey have to watch for our luggage's weights.

I appreciate N so much for giving us some tips and bringing me a pack of my favorite coffee :) Welcome back N!


draxc0la said...

thanks for tips.. keep sharing


Mhar's Display said...

I appreciate you coming and leaving comments. I do my best to keep on posting and giving tips/help.