Aug 7, 2009

Start Saving Water Now

Back home, we have always taught to conserve water. Whenever there is a leak somewhere in the water pipe that leads to the faucets, my father will fix it immediately to avoid wasting the water. And when we do the laundry, we do not let the water running while rinsing the clothes. We have enough containers to store the water for emergency use.

Saving water can also be done in the bathroom. You should not let the water pouring from the shower longer than you bathe. And, you should have a dual flush toilet in your home. Dual flush toilets have the advantage of reducing the monthly water bill. There are many ways how to save water but these are a few that you might want to practice at your homes.

Imagine how many thousand gallons you can save in year if you start saving water NOW? You can do it if you have the sincerity and dedication to do so.


Sissym said...

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rajasblog said...

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Dori said...

Great water-saving tips! :)

Mhar's Display said...

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@ raja
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@ Dori
yea, I am very dedicated to save water.


Sissym said...


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