Oct 26, 2010

Redoing The Living Room

My honey and I participated on a garage sale one weekend and we found it interesting yet boring. Interesting because we got to sell old stuff and things we do not use in the house. Boring because not many visitors came to check on what we had. But we sold a few things though.

My cousin and her husband came over the next day. We walked around the neighborhood checking what other household had for garage sale. We stopped at this house with a bunch of stuff in the garage. The woman had pieces of household equipment and nursery furniture. My cousin asked why she wanted to sell the ceiling fan. "I am redoing my living room and I am looking at Victorian ceiling fans right now", she answered excitedly. "We were using that ceiling fan for years. Belt driven ceiling fans are nice though", she added.

The price for the ceiling fan was really really cheap. But there's no way, in our situation, my cousin and I can accommodate that in our homes. Going to a garage sale is fun. My cousin had a great time with us too.

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