Oct 11, 2010

Monday And The Unavailable Menu

Well, Monday...first doctor's appointment at the Collin County Health Care Center. It is 45 minutes drive from the house depending on traffic in Highway 380. The gadget I got from my girl friend is very handy and dependable. She was so considerate to offer that to me.

I arrived 30 minutes early of my appointment time so I looked for a place where I can get something for lunch. I saw a small grocery store just beside the health center. I walked in there and looked for food (because the sign outside said "Groceria, Panaderia, Carinderia, Fruteria). As I enter the store, I noticed Mexican employees. Browsing inside, I saw the eatery and customers bought food to go. I scanned the menu hanging at the ceiling while waiting for my turn to be served. I chose menudo and rice. The server talked to me in Spanish and as what I understood, she was asking me for an order receipt. She told me to order and pay first at the register. So I went to the cashier and placed my order. Then when I came back and gave her the receipt, she said that they don't have menudo today. What?! I told her it was in the menu up there that's why I chose it because I would like to eat menudo for lunch. She said they only make it on Saturdays and Sundays. That's frustrating.

Rather than wasting my time arguing with her, I just picked another dish with the rice. I asked for a bottled water and told her that I will pay for it when I finish my meal. At the register, the cashier did not let me pay for the bottled water. She said it's free because they do not have the menudo. I refused but she insisted. "Okay. Thank you...", I said to end the discussion.

Then I walked to the health center and logged for my appointment just on time.

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Lyn MUGG said...

though u have not got what u looked for in that shop, at least they have given something in return for the disappointment/frustration. but i wish they can always provide what the customer wants.
by the way, my name is lyn from CA and I like reading ur blog. i wish to be ur friend and exchange links if u dont mind.thanks

Lulu Post said...

thnks for visiting

Sissym said...

My dear, how are you?!

I think always you ! I wish all the best!


Mhar's Display said...

@ Lyn Mugg
thank you for your comment. sure we can exlinks. added you already.

@ Lulu
you are welcome dear.

@ Sissym
you are so sweet. i hope you are doing well too.