Oct 29, 2010

What I Do In The Fall

Some people like spring, while others prefer winter. I, however, tend to tilt my heart towards the fall. With so many pretty leaves changing color, along with the cooler temperatures, how can I resist?

When this season comes around, I always seem to want to go to places like cider mills. There is just something about the atmosphere that gets to me. It's like I've stepped back into another, simpler time when I visit one. Sure, there are people dressed in modern clothes, talking on cell phones as they buy their cider, but my point still stands.

I never go alone. What would the fun be in that? Usually, I talk a family member into going, after getting ready and setting the home security alarm from My mom is the most enthusiastic about it, but sometimes my sister might tag along. Once we get there, we like to go inside to look at everything for sale. They have cinnamon donuts, apple pies, and so much more. That's not to say we buy anything, though. The prices are rather high. But everything smells nice, and we like to go around sniffing things.

Probably one of my favorite parts of this fall event is picking out a pumpkin. I've never bought one in a grocery store, and don't ever plan on doing so. It's much more fun to get it directly, if not almost directly, from the source. It's a lot more satisfying that way, and so many memories are created.

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

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