Oct 20, 2010

Address Change And Meeting Two Filipinas

I was lucky yesterday. I met two Filipinas in McKinney. The first one is working in the Department of Public Safety (DPS). When I called the DPS yesterday afternoon to ask about the change of address, she answered and asked about my residency status. When I told her I am from the Philippines, she started to speak Filipino and told me to come in the office since they are not very busy. I arrived at the DPS about 3:30 P.M. She processed my change of address application. I had my picture taken again and I was given a temporary Driver's Permit. The new Driver's License will be in the mail in 30-45 days.

The second Filipina is working in Walmart. I stopped by at the store to buy an additional pillow for the guest room. She checked me out. I was curious so I asked if she is Filipina. Affirmative. Now she is my friend in Facebook. Isn't that wonderful? :)

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katy said...

Thats really so wonderful, at least you have new friends now. I hope your frienship is just a start of a great bonding.

yen said...

Passing by today