Oct 7, 2010

Store And Use Rain Water

If you are living in a place where you get rain in the second half of the year, would you consider capturing and saving the rain water for future use? You might say, it doesn't matter. But in my opinion, rain water is worth saving. It is a big help in watering the plants instead of using tap water every day.

You can capture and save rain water in big rain barrels. That's what we do back home. We have a big rain barrel placed under the pipe (where the rain water flows from the tin roof of our house). And if we need to water the plants on a hot day, we just take a bucket full of rain water from the barrel.

Rain water collection, also called as rain water harvesting, can be useful not only in gardening but often used in landscaping as well.

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Pinoy working mom said...

Yes, I also love the idea of collecting rain water, it can also be used in flushing toilets. A rain water collection system can be incorporated in designing a house. Of course it would be an additional start-up cost but it would be cost saving in the long run.

Nice post.

Lainy said...

Hi Mhar! So sorry I wasn't able to swing by here as frequently as I can. Just too busy with work. Very limited time to hop around and leave my footprints. I shall make it up with you soon when work slows down.

Take care always!