Oct 16, 2010

Weekend Snapshot: Garage Sale Items

A neighbor knocked at our door Thursday night giving us a piece of paper saying that there is a neighborhood garage sale on Saturday and Sunday. She asked my honey if he is interested to participate. My honey turned to me and said we will put some unused things out for sale since we are getting rid of some stuff.

So today, we woke up very early to set up. I put price tags on the items and my honey arranged the heavy things on the ground. On the table are the light and cheap ones. I have a couple sweaters for sale too. They are only a $ 1.00 each. I think there are four sweaters left. I hope they will sell tomorrow. Sets of plates are still on sale for $ 20.00 per set of eight. Some knick knacks on the table are from .25 cents to a $ 1.00.

Here's what we have sold today:


Microwave oven - $ 6.00
Glass decor (set of 3) - 3.00
Decorative plate - 2.00
Small cabinet -3.00
Rug (large) -15.00
Picture painting -3.00
Wall Mirror (medium) -5.00
Coffee maker -2.00
Phone (with cord) - .50
Sweater -1.00
Bead bracelet -.50
Lampshade (set of 2) -5.00

We do not have that much to garage sale but we want to get rid of the things we're not gonna use. What's nice is that we got to participate in the neighborhood activity for the first time.

My pregnant cousin and her husband will come over for a visit. She said she might go look for garage sales too.

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Anne said...

ka aligre sa garage selling sis... duol palang ko diha palit jud ko hehehe... nice stuff unya affordable kaayo ang prices... ka nice sa imung honey very supportive.

katy said...

wow its so nice to have those items.hehehe.

Lyn MUGG said...

Wow, I love garage. I wish we are closer to your place and I will surely buy. I'm a lover of garage sales too. U have a very supportive husband. U both are great!

Anyway, thanks for adding me up here.I have this one added too to my Blogs with Great Ideas! Thank u once again.

Tita said...

I wish we can also have those garage sale thing around here. Too many stuff to discard too. Lol! Good for you that you have turned those unneeded stuff into cash.

Mhar's Display said...

@ Anne,
lagi, super cheap jud and slightly used pa ang mga items.

@ Katy,
yup, they're really nice.

@ Lyn Mugg
I bet you will buy most of my items if you live close to us :)

@ Tita
yea, it's really a waste to just throw them away you know. so we decided to join the garage sale.