Oct 1, 2010

Tokyo, Japan

Japan is the name which is collectively covers almost 7000 islands. The four largest islands are Honshū, Hokkaidō, Kyūshū and Shikoku, and they account for 97% of Japan's land area. Most of the other islands are very small, mountainous and volcanic, so they are inaccessible. I was watching the channels provided by one of the satellite tv companies one night and the city of Tokyo looked so interesting that we just had to take a vacation there.
Tokyo, and its surrounding cities, has a population of about 12 million people. Check the Internet for reduced airline ticket websites, or check eBay or Craig's List because somebody might be trying to sell theirs. Why pay more? Check for hotels, and deals on those, too. The Hilton offered us discounted rates. Tokyo is like New York, in that, it has a rail system that runs everywhere, so there is no need for a vehicle.
This city has certain districts for certain things, like electronic devices, clothing, young people's clothing, beautiful Japanese gardens, and there are multiple museums scattered around the cities. Japan is also known for fish and farmer's markets set up right down the streets. These are fun, because you can get the freshest of foods, including sushi. We had the best time just walking along the streets of Tokyo experiencing their culture. I would suggest a vacation in Japan for anyone!
Authored by Raymond Whitney

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