Nov 6, 2010

Looking For Prizes

I appreciate the guest post, Ricky Mcguire
I love going to a county fair and seeing everything that the people of my county have to offer each other. Contests are my favorite part of any fair, with cooking contests ranking first. It's always a pleasure to get to sample the fine treats made for us by hometown folks that care about one another. My kids love to sample treats and get to know other kids at the fair, as well as pet all the animals while we're there. It's not everyday you get to see some of the finest pigs in the land, all of them able to be patted on the head as you pass by.
There are usually lots of horses at our fair too. We love to admire these beauties from afar. We're always very happy to help out with the organization of the fair in any way possible and to help with cleanup or anything else the town needs. After the fair, we retire to our homes where we watch Direct TV and enjoy another of life's great gifts.
Over the next few years, we plan to continue going to county fairs from all counties and appreciating the local cultures that we're blessed with. It's nice to know that small town America still exists and plans to keep existing for a very long time. That's our good fortune.
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