Nov 28, 2010

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

I really can't wait till Thanksgiving. I'm sitting here counting the days waiting for the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. I love to sit and watch the new floats every year. They always seem to get better every year. It's really amazing if you look back at the past years and look at how far the technology has come I was looking at pictures from back in about the 60s today of the Macy's parade then and looking at some pictures from the present day. It really amazes me how far technology has come and how much brighter the colors are and how much more detail is put into them.
I like to watch every year also to see which new singers and celebrities are there. Always seems to be somebody new and exciting, and also your old favorites. And let's not forget the marching bands and mummers. I always love to watch them.
It would definitely be more fun to actually go to New York and watch it live. But luckily I have good Satellite TV specials to watch it on with a crystal-clear image, and never seem to miss a beat. It's really great when you pump in the surround sound. Almost feels like you're right there with the bass. So even though I don't get to go and see it in person. I can still really enjoy it right from the comfort of my own home.
Author: Miles King
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