Nov 27, 2010

Major Purchases on Black Friday

Guest post by Sally Gates

While most people are intent on doing their Christmas Shopping on Black Friday, I always spend the day shopping for expensive items like computers or television sets and whatnot because that's the only way you can save real money. I mean if you're saving 70% or whatever on an item that costs under $20, it's just not worth staying up all night lining up in front of a store in the freezing cold. That's like making $14 over 10 hours or something like that. If I'm going to go through the hassle of taking a day off from work and setting up camp, it better be for a major purchase that saves me tons and tons of money. Since I leave my home unattended all night long, I also have to make sure to set my home security alarm from before I go out to shop.

So anytime I have to make a major purchase, I hold out till Black Friday rolls around. Sometimes it takes some researching to find specific items that I'm looking for. Kitchen appliances are the number one thing I have difficulty finding. As I've found that most of the appliances available are fairly generic and not worth the cost. Basically, there is a reason why these items are on clearance. This year I'm probably going to be looking for a microwave as my current one appears to be on the fritz.

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