Nov 16, 2010

Holiday Homesickness

Just feeling homesick today.

When my sister said that the packages has arrived, I got so excited like a child. I called my mother last night to confirm and asked how's everything. They are very happy and the children are excited about their birthday presents. They are anxious to open their holiday gifts too, but they can wait until Christmas.

The shipping of the packages (Balikbayan boxes) always takes more than a month. In this period includes the custom checks and sorting when the packages arrived at the door-to-door service company's office in the Philippines. After weeks at sea, the packages are delivered safe and sound to our family's door front door. Amazing huh?

Why am I feeling homesick today? Because I am wishing to be with my family while they open their presents. And this morning, when I turn on the radio, Christmas songs are playing. Good timing, right?

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Sissym said...

Last year, I sent a box to the USA on December 8. The package took 2 weeks to arrive at the destination. My friend, who lives in California, sent a box for me on December 16. Do you know when it arrived in Brazil?? Only in February this year! He was very disappointed cos they had memories for my daughter and she asked every day. The only value of the box was the sentimental, who we put the love for someone in particular, it is invisible to the eye but not the heart.

Mhar's Display said...

@ Sissym
that is ridiculously to long for the box to get to you.
Yes, what's important is the sentimental value of the things in the package. some door-to-door service are delayed. but good thing the package still arrives there.


Andrew said...

was here sis. Hope you'll get better soon God bless!