Nov 7, 2010

For Mail Security

Mails are delivered in the house almost everyday. I said 'almost everyday' because there's a day in a week that we don't get any. Our mailbox is just a typical residential mailbox you see in a neighborhood (mounted in a concrete).

I just wonder if there are locking mailboxes. How do they work? And if I get a locking mailbox for the house, do I have to have a key for it? I am just kinda curious. Will the post office allow homes to have lockable mailboxes?

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Sissym said...

Dear, I am missing with you. Imagine that all weekend has fallen rain. I think Peter is in trouble .... heavenly kkkkkk .... he does not more know what's working days and weekends!

How are yo/!

This month, 21st, my Laura will 10 years old!!! So cute!


Mhar's Display said...

Oh Happy birthday to Laura!