Nov 7, 2010

Property Listings

When we moved back here in the house, we were surprised two of our neighbors are selling their homes. My honey spoke to one of the owners. The guy said that he and his wife are splitting. That's sad.

Their homes are priced higher than what we had ours (in the market) two years ago. My honey said it's good that the homes in our neighborhood are appraised high. But at this time, people are still worried about the economy and it's effect in the real estate industry.

However, there are some people who afford to buy high-priced homes. I remember that my friend and her husband got a very nice place in Boston. She was very happy with the Bushari Group Real Estate who helped them find listings for condos in Boston. Well-furnished luxury Boston condos, that's what they're looking for. It is great to find a Boston Real Estate agent to help them achieve their goal.

I told my honey that I was thinking of living in a condo before. He did not like the idea.

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