Nov 26, 2010

Unique Home Address Signs

I went to visit a friend two weeks ago. It was my very first time to be in the town where she lives. I drove in the back roads because that's the route my gadget guided me. The drive was pretty smooth except in the areas where road works are on going.

Looking for her house did not took me so long. Their address sign is very clear to see from hundreds of feet away. While I was looking around to find a parking spot, I noticed that her neighbors' home have the same wall address plaque as hers. Uniformed. Which, I think, is cool.

I saw her husband walking towards me and teased, "I see, looks like you have a big basketball in there," pointing at my big belly. "She's waiting for you," and he led me to their house. We were laughing because I told my friend that her husband teased me about my baby bump. I also complimented about how unique their home address plaques are.

It was a nice visit. My friend gave me a bag full of infant clothing. She has a little girl too. I think that's sweet.

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