Aug 17, 2008

Find Me In MyLot

I was encouraged to join MyLot. It is a community forum where you can join and participate in discussions. I am still working on my myLot User Profile because it is still a bit of confusing to me right now. Of course, the main purpose of joining is to get traffic. There are lots of stuff to check and learn about MyLot so to those who are already a member, I hope you will share with me your experience.
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Anonymous said...

myLot is cool. If you like do discuss, you will enjoy it.


MWinBiz said...

hi Mhar,
thanks for dropping by my site.
i hope we will be good fren in the blogger world. :D


chubskulit said...

i became a member a month ago, but don't have much time to participate in the discussion.. nakakaenjoy din..

Joy0z said...

Thanks for adding Mars..added you too in my Ozlife