Aug 4, 2008

Little Chair

We bought this little chair from a church garage sale in Wylie. It's only worth a dollar. My honey said we can use it as a stand for a pot of plant or something. But I am not going to use it that way. This little chair is too pretty for that. So, I just use it whenever I do my nails once in a while and I sit on it when I do my gardening work.
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1 comment:

salingPUSA said...

I am very happy for you po. You know what, knowing that there are 4 million PINOY's in the US and the number is growing, makes me feel good. We usually get noticed in terms of bad stuffs back home, good thing Fil-Ams are there to give us some refreshing news from time to time........

And our Southeast Asian neighbors could brag all they want about their 9 Billion dollar Foreign Direct Investments whatsoever but that is nothing compared to the 16 Billion dollar remittance of Filipinos abroad mostly from the US.
That's Pinoy power.
Congrats po ulit.........