Aug 6, 2008

Expressing My Appreciation

I am proud to inform everybody that this blog of mine has gone a long way, I may say. Why? Because from the 5M+ ranking in Alexa, it went high to 1M+ as of today. And during the first month of my blogging, I gained a lot of co-blogger friends worldwide. This is so inspiring. That is why it is my pleasure to give my appreciation to all the visitors and readers, bloggers and love links, of course my Top Ten Entrecard Droppers. You inspired me in my blogging and contributed a lot to the increasing traffic rank of this blog. Thank you so much.

Top Ten Entrecard Droppers
Money Ning
Kuting's Place in Space
Mixed Bag
OC Golf Course
Health, Fitness, Lifestyle
Twerlermz' Blog
Our Journey to Forever
Let Us Talk
HRM Business Practices
Bisdak's Footprints
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Thyme2dream said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and YES, I am honored that you have linked mine here:-). Congrats on your Alexa rating too!!

MarlyMS said...

thank you thyme :)

eunice said...

Hi Marly! Congrats to your Alexa ranking! I too, have been watching my Alexa closely heheh. It's encouraging, isn't it?

Btw, how many visitors do you get a day? Mind to share? My experience is, once your Alexa improves to less than 1 million, you get update from Alexa every few days, but the deviation is smaller with a decrement of every 5-fig digits. Blog hopping is a great way to improve Alexa in a faster way, but needs time.. I believe your Alexa will keep improving! :)

Do share with us with any good tips! :D See ya!

Mayet said...

bravo!! I am a newbie, too and need to learn a lot more.