Aug 26, 2008

What Are The Causes of Your Headache: Part 2

As a reply to my friend's request, I have posted previously the information about headache's common triggers. And here's the continuation of the topic.

Though some headaches are symptoms of other illnesses and conditions, such as high blood pressure or lupus, 90 percent are primary headaches, a category that includes cluster, tension-type and migraine headaches.

- Most people associate migraines with nausea, one-sided pain and sensitivity to light and sound, but these symptoms are inconsistent because there is a wide spectrum of migraine headaches.

Tension-type headaches
- They are marked by a tightening sensation and affect both sides of the head. They may also be chronic, occurring frequently or even every day.

Sinus headaches
- People with sinus problems will definitely experience headaches.

Cluster headaches
- These are relatively rare, and 85 percent of sufferers are male. The headaches come in "clusters", with severe, one-sided pain attacks lasting from 15 minutes to three hours and recurring as often as two to five times a day for weeks at a time.

Environmental Changes
- For some individuals a scent of bleach or ammonia can set their head pounding. For others, exposure to paint, smoke, scented candles or perfume does the trick. More environmental triggers include the flicker of fluorescent lighting and a change in altitude, which is something to remember when you're planning a vacation. Air travel, in particular, is a headache minefield: altitudinal changes, time zone differences, low moisture levels in the cabin, disrupted sleep and heavily processed airline food are all potential triggers.

Pain Medication
- Headache pain remedies can do more harm than good if they're used too frequently and over an extended period. So be careful.

If I will select which category triggers my headache, I will say it's the Migraines and Environmental Changes.
(To be continued...)

Some contents from Inform Magazine, July 2008
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modjeska said...

thanx for da good info

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Ria said...

Eating cheese and too much coffee usually triggers headaches for me. And stress too! :)

MarlyMS said...

Stress really triggers headache. but i don't think coffee can. i read that caffeine relaxes the brain nerves.

Avrianza said...

it's a great info here, thanks friends.