Aug 4, 2008

Love Your Hair

My friend Nori had her hair cut Thursday. She said it is getting long and like me, she is not able to manage it because of the busy working schedule. She added that her hair easily gets split ends. She is having a hard time looking for hair care products. I told her to get herself Wen Hair Care products. The Styling Crème, Cleansing Conditioner, and the Re Moist Intensive Hair Repair Mask suits her good because it is formulated to moisturize, polish, and strengthen each hair strand that prevents split ends. The hair looks and smells amazing after. I like the thought that Wen Hair Care is ideal for all hair lengths, shapes, and types. And I love the Sweet Almond Mint scent of the conditioner. Certainly, using these products to maintain our hair's beauty is a rewarding choice. So, there are no worries for Nori and also for me.

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