Aug 1, 2008

A Bit of Drama

I don't want to be emotional today but I can't help it. 'Had a chance to chat with my brother-in-law, my younger sister's husband. He is currently working in Saudi Arabia as a laborer. I haven't spoken with him for almost a year until today. Something happened before between him and my sister that made me and my family mad at him. On that situation, the responsibility for his family became ours. The ill feelings were too much that brought some conflicts in the family.

Until now, honestly, I still have it. But I am telling myself to put the ill feelings away because my brother-in-law is doing his best working for his family in the Philippines. I was kind of dramatic when I spoke to him today. Especially when he said "I love my family. I hope Tatay and Mama, and you are not mad at me anymore". I told him that what happened in the past was unexpected. What's important is we learned our lesson from the mistakes done before. And his married relationship with my sister will become stronger at all times.

I want to tell my brother-in-law and my sister that whatever happens, the family is always here.
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MAARTE said...

Hayyy napakahirap magpatawad. Swerte ka kaya mo magpatawad ako hindi. I carry such emotional baggage na baka isang araw bigla na lang sasabog lahat ng sama ng loob ko. Napakadaming tao sa paligid namin ng asawa ko masyado pakielamero kasi!

MAARTE said...

bakit di ko mabuksan link na pinapa-vote mo sakin?

texas_sweetie said...

that's so nice that he's asking for forgiveness though the damage has been done that makes it so hard to forget.. time will heal wounds ika nga..dropped my ec here.

MarlyMS said...

yea..pero meron pa rin konting ill feelings dito sa loob ko.but i am trying my best para mawala n talaga.

dyemeyd said...

forgive and forget:) that's good sometimes

chubskulit said...

such incidents always happen on families but you are right, just learn to fogive for the sake of your sister's marriage success..

Hope we could xlinks?