Apr 7, 2009

Ready To Start A Family

My honey and I are planning to have a baby next year, I hope. May God bless us with a healthy one.

Some people close to me are saying that I will experience a delicate pregnancy because of my body built. I am a petite woman not even weighing a 100 pounds. And being pregnant needs a lot of care on my side. I know I am healthy. But there is uncertainty if there is a possibility for me to get pregnant. Of course, I am referring to my fertility period. I guess there is nothing to worry because everything I want to understand about conceiving or becoming a parent can be found in, a social networking Website that connects parents and family. The Website offers sharing of tips and advice to individuals like me who want to get ideas on pregnancy, parenting and everything else in the home. Just browsing inside gives me the inspiration to start a family.

A married couple is not complete without a child. 'Know what? You would not believe me if I say I am starting to think of baby names right now.

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Ness said...

Same here sis we are also waiting a year or 2 to have a baby. I think it is not good if u are underweight when u are planning to get pregnant which I am now..I think my metabolism is just so fast even I eat a lot I do still not gain weight.