Apr 8, 2009

I Miss Our House

I miss our house. Would you believe that I only lived there for a week?

I arrived here in Texas on a Saturday of February. Then we moved to Fort Worth the next Saturday. My honey got a new job here and he was given the relocation benefits. So the house was empty for a couple of months. It was crazy that time. I was in my jetlag period then a tough week came. We were thankful things went well for us last year. Now our house is currently on lease.

I cannot help missing our beautiful home, the backyard with trees, and the squirrel we were used to fed.


Niema said...

oh really only a week, i live at my own house for a year n half, after having much renovation, applied for home loan its quite hard time, but i must move to another country. i missed it so much tooo

kcatwoman said...

aw.. your house seems lovely from the way you describe it.

anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog

Mharms said...

@ Neima
yeah, i know what you mean. we are attached to our home.

@ kcatwoman
thanks cat. you are welcome